Laurel O’Gorman

The Women and Money Project Exhibition
Katherine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota
September 6 – December 10, 2016
Minneapolis, MN

This group exhibition was curated by independent curator Ellen Schillace. This exhibition also includes artworks selected by Lyndel King, Director of the Weisman Art Museum, through a national call for entries.


Image size: 49.5” x 41.5” x 2.5”
Acrylic on canvas

Artists Statement
“Veiled with the magic and mystery of nature, and embraced by the spiritual realm, woman stands ready to step into her divine feminine. Now is her time. Is she ready to lift the veil?”

Reclaiming our self worth is immanent to “lifting the veil”. Outwardly our intrinsic value (wealth, riches, fortune) will change as we change and internally embrace our true value. Realizing our inherent value carries the impetus to reclaim and redefine how the world sees women. This change is an essential part of empowering ourselves with the deep knowing of who we are.

Artists in the Exhibition
Hend Al Mansour, Lynnette Black, Carolina Borja, Rachel Breen, Barbara Bridges, Angela Davis, Liz Dodson, Kate Durbin, Lucy Rose Fischer, Camille Gage, Beth Grossman, Diane Katsiaficas, Tiffany Keri, Virginia Maksymowicz, Laurel O’Gorman, Priscilla Otani, Mz Direct collaborative (Jeanne Philipp/Judith Huacuja/Susan Byrnes/Tess Cortes), Shira Richter, Ellen Schillace, Karen Searle, Marcia Soderman, Meng Tang, Tonja