Laurel O’Gorman

Seeing God: A Juried Exhibit of Sacred Art
St. Paul's Monastery Gallery, Merit Award
29 January to 1 March, 2014
Maplewood, MN

Artist’s Statement for: Seeing God: A Juried Exhibit of Sacred Art

“The divine feminine in her human form emerges like a lotus from the lily pads and peers through a veil of sacred ginkgo leaves. The veil of leaves moves inward where flower blossoms open at her energy centers. In one hand she holds a dove of peace, in the other a white lily, symbolizing the divine within. She is suspended in peace and tranquility.”

“The natural world is all around us offering ever–flowing beauty, wonder, and spiritual guidance. When we unite with nature’s divine energy, we experience completeness. When we hold this as sacred we see and feel the Divine.”

Image size: 49.5” x 41.5” x 2.5”
Acrylic on canvas