Laurel O’Gorman

Pause Series

A few years ago when I was struggling to find my way back into my art after being away from it for over 20 years, the words from a dear grad school peer guided me. He reminded me that he and his wife still have the watercolour I gave them many years ago hanging in their home. It was at this moment, hearing these words from a trusted source that I realized going back to what I knew would be a perfect place to restart my art journey.

And so the new journey began. I gave myself the challenge of painting in watercolour without “recognizable imagery” for six months. The two influences that emerged were a lingering focus from the previous acrylic painting series on nature, and inspiration from my daily Tao readings. This resulted in my “Pause Series” which includes “Meditations Into Peace”, “Meditations Into Gaia” and “Meditations Into Allowing”. This work expresses my love for the natural beauty that surrounds us and the peacefulness it can bring to our lives.

Thank you for your interest in my journey.
May it bring you peace.